"Sarah is such a wonderful coach! My daughter has loved having her and Jackie as her coaches. Their attitudes and skills have helped her create an initial love for the game and I look forward to her being able to build on the solid foundation they've created. They have taught her so much technically. Sarah is professional, encouraging and my daughter respects her a lot and tries her best for Sarah because she respects her. I hope she has the opportunity to play for Sarah next year."

"Jon is an amazing coach. Quality of coaching my daughter received was remarkable. She made noticeable improvement and greatly increased her love for the game."

"Jenny was amazing! She was always positive and created a fun learning environment for all of the girls. No one was ever left out. Her knowledge of the game is great!"

"I felt like our team enjoyed the season. They were able to learn and grow, and there was a positive atmosphere." [Jason]

"Her communication was great, I received a text or email every week and a reminder on the days of practice. She was organized and prepared to teach the girls and had high expectations, but was still fun and uplifting." [Sarah]

"Definitely knows the game. My daughter's skills greatly improved under him." [Jon]

"I like the communication from Spikers as a club- Jason does a great job!"